C'est quoi votre histoire ?

Print Your Race, it’s the new concept to immortalize your greatest sport challenges thanks to a simple and personalized decoration.

This simple idea  came to Maude’s mind after her first Marathon in Paris 2017. This young sport lover was bored of bibs and medals decorations into her apartment. So she decided to put in place a poster system to keep a memory of those experiences combining a modern and pure decoration style.

Constantly looking forward new adventures, Maude launched this company project to respond to sport lovers desires (runners, bikers or triathletes). Print Your Race was born in a warn April day. 

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 » Sport was always part of my life, but running it’s quite new! First it was a pleasure sport to get rid of my stress, then it was a way to challenge myself everyday. Now, I’m hungry for new sports and challenges for the upcoming years. 

Being an entrepreneur it’s kind of every person dream when you have some business ideas and you dare puting them in place. So, it was obvious that I will try this adventure with Print Your Race. »